Oil Mill Spares

Genuine ‘VARUNA’ Spares

VARUNA equipment is designed & manufactured to deliver utmost performance and efficiency. Each part has precise tolerance and specifications.

Over a precise of time after continues operation, the parts get worn out resulting loss in production and residuals. For our equipments buy only genuine spares from the company, as for imitation parts are made by those companies who do not know how those parts work and what are their tolerances.

We manufacture the replacement parts tailored to fit your productivity needs. Genuine spares will protect your original equipments and ensure peak performance and increased through put.

These spares are made from high grade & top quality materials and are perfectly engineered in order to give them flawless performance, durability and a long service life. Our range of oil expeller spares is available in market leading prices with customization facilities. They are summarized in their descriptions below.

Cage Bars

We are also engaged in the manufacturing of the cage bar & cage bar holder. Earning a good name in the manufacturing of cage bar & cage bar holder, our products have occupied a wide area in the oil and related industries, as these are used in oil expellers. We use EN-8 as our raw material for cage bars & cage bar holders. These are processed in case hardened & hardfaced to give them durability and long life services. Our range of product is available in various sizes and capacities. We also offer customization facilities to our clients so that they can use these products according to their needs and requirements.

Gears and Pinions

These gears and pinions maintain international quality standards and are well-engineered. Basically used in gear box machines, these gears & pinions employ EN- 8, EN- 24, and EN- 353 alloy and steel as their raw materials. We also use the raw materials based on the customers’ requirements.

Our range of gears & pinions have excellent heat distortion control, high strength, wear resistance properties and noiseless and vibration free operation as they are made up of fine-grained steel billet. These are available in various sizes and capacities. Our customization service also offers our clients the option to manufacture the gears & pinions based on their needs and requirements.


Case Hardened Worms                                   


We also offers a wide range in the case hardened worms, which are basically suited and used in automobile and mechanical industry. These worms are made from high quality metals, which include the EN-8 as their raw material. Our range of case hardened worms is case processed in sodium cyanide material.

Further, we also offer customization options on this product to our clients based on their needs.


Hard Faced Worm

Our company offers hard faced Worms spares in single or multi starts. Basically used for seed crushing, the hard faced worm is available in the mild steel, alloy steel. Our company also has the customization facilities for our valuable clients, as per their specifications.

Our range of hard faced worms are perfectly engineered to be highly durable, reliable

and long lasting. Using the EN- 8 as their raw material, these hard faced worms are then hardened with welding rods to create the best spare. Our company offers a wide range of hard faced worms with varied specifications.