Sugar Mill & Cement Plant




Sugar Mill Gears offered by us are manufactured from high quality raw material. These

gears are durable and requires very low maintenance. We manufacture Helical Sugar Mill Gears,

these are used in various machines for crushing of sugarcane and producing sugar crystals.

These gears can easily withstand the excessive wear and tear and are also highly



Sugar Mill Chains

We also have complete line of Sugar Mill Chains to our existing program, which include:

Steel Bushed Conveyors Chains, Welded Chains, Drop-Forged Chains, and

Combination Chains. Based on extensive past experience and proven success, we have

developed the  chains that have the highest performance, strength and longevity in the

most severe applications in Sugar Mills:


1. Cane Feed and Washing Table Chains
2. Main Cane Carrier Chains
3. Intermediate Carrier Chains
4. Outboard Roller Cane Carrier Chains
5. Bagasse Carrier Chains
6. Sugar Elevator Chains